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 Watercolor Painting Workshops
Workshop Materials List
Participants in this workshop will learn the techniques to paint realistic water, skies, landscapes, and more. They will learn how to create convincing reflections and shadows in water, and how to paint various types of waves and water movement. Participants will learn multiple watercolor techniques including glazing, washes, dry brush, masking, lifting, etc., also composition design, values, and use of color temperatures. Students will complete one "primary" painting during the workshop, the complexity of which is determined by the length of the workshop. Participants will receive reference photos prior to the workshop and are responsible for drawing the subject onto their own watercolor paper before the workshop begins. In addition, students will also complete at least one "study" painting during each day of the workshop. The studies are used to practice the many techniques that we cover during the lessons. Each workshop is unique and a different subject is painted in each class. Shorter workshops may focus on specific features and elements of traditional landscape painting, such as just trees, skies, compositions, color mixing, etc.

Materials list:
  • Watercolor paper, at least 140# or heavier. Approximately half-sheet size.
  • Several smaller scraps or a small pad of watercolor paper, for practicing brush strokes
  • Removable masking fluid
  • HB pencil
  • White plastic/vinyl eraser
  • water containers
  • Paper towels
  • 1" flat watercolor brush
  • Large round brushes, no smaller than #12 
  • Paints: Indigo, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue (green shade/hue), Payne's Grey, Sepia, Olive Green,  Violet, Yellow Ochre, a warm and a cool red, and any other colors you like to use. Click here to see the colors I use most often!
    Painting Architectural Portraits in Watercolor Workshop Materials list
Participants in this workshop will learn the techniques to draw and paint portraits of homes, buildings, and other structures. They will learn how to create perspective in their compositions, draw and paint trees and landscaping elements, and depict architectural features such as siding, stucco, brick, shingles, windows, etc. Participants will work from their own photos or blueprints, which must be sized to correspond to their watercolor paper.

Materials List:
  • 140# watercolor paper
  • Several smaller scraps or a pad of watercolor paper for practicing brushstrokes.
  • Removable masking fluid
  • Lightbox and extension cord
  • Ruler
  • White plastic/vinyl eraser
  • water containers
  • HB pencils
  • Paper towels
  • One inch flat watercolor brush
  • Round brushes in approximate sizes: #16, #10, #4, plus any other brushes you like to use.
  • Paints: Bring an assortment of professional quality paints, plus the usual colors for landscapes.
Besides being an internationally renowned maritime artist, Annie Strack is also a commercial artist specializing in Architectural Renderings. Her renderings are in the collections of numerous architects, builders, contractors, and home owners, and have been published in dozens of periodicals and magazines.

Plein Air Painting Workshops

In my plein painting painting workshops, students learn how to use their camera to scout locations and views, and capture what they see using a variety of mediums. Students will work with cameras, sketchbooks, watercolors, and oils, and on prepped boards and or paper. Students should expect to paint more than one panting each day in this workshop. Students will learn how to create great compositions, mix colors using limited palettes, how to deal with changing light, use colors and values to enhance compositions, and techniques for faster and more accurate painting. You will also learn how to use a variety of mediums and materials, and how pack and carry your gear efficiently. This workshop is available for watercolor and/or oil painters, supply lists will depend on which mediums you wish to work with. 

Art Business and Marketing Workshops

Art Business and Marketing workshops can be tailored to fit the needs of any group, and the length of the workshop can be adjusted according to the topics that the group would like to learn. Topics include: Social Media (blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, g+, etc.,) writing (resume, bio, artist statement, cover letters, proposals, press releases), Business planning (creating business goals, pricing, budgeting, scheduling), Marketing (setting budgets, tracking, creating promo materials, branding, inventory tracking,), Gaining credentials (choosing shows, entering, how to win, techniques of getting name recognition), Organizing the studio, customer relations and selling, and other related topics. Students will need to bring their existing promotional materials for critiques, and expect to work on new materials during the workshop. Participants must bring mobile devices to workshops that focus on Social Media or internet marketing.

Since 2005, Annie Strack has shared her extensive knowledge and experience of art business and marketing through her monthly columns and feature articles in Professional Artist Magazine, the premier national business magazine for visual artists.

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In the 20+ years that Annie has been teaching, only once has one of her workshops not sold out to full capacity with additional students on a waiting list. In fact, her teaching is so popular that art centers and artist organizations routinely use her workshops as major fundraisers. Contact us to request information on how you can bring one of these profitable workshops to your community! 

Annie has taught countless workshops, classes, and demonstrations for artist organizations and art centers, including:
New Orleans Art Association, Royal Corner Gallery, Westbank Art Guild (LA), St Bernard Art Guild (LA), Lacombe Art Center (LA), Madisonville Art League (LA), San Benito Artists (CA), Mispillion Art League (DE), Community Arts Center (PA), Le Petite Art Guild, Louisiana Art and Artists Guild, Jefferson Art Guild (LA), 4-H (FL, SD, Guam), Gulf Coast Art Association (MS), Westwego Art Center, Slidell Art League, Louisiana Watercolor Society, Delaware Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society, Louisiana Art Association, St. Charles Art Guild, Lacombe Chamber of Commerce, Mandeville Middle School, Lake Pontchartrain Maritime Museum, Madisonville Elementary School, Metairie Art Guild, Howard Pyle Studios (DE), Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Gloucester County Art League (NJ), Salem County Art League (NJ), Ocean City Art League (MD), Workshops in Charleston (SC), Southern Artists Gallery, New Jersey Artists and Educators, Artists Network University, Jerry's Artarama, Art of the Carolinas, Plaza Art Stores, French Escapade Tours (Spain), Provence Art Experience (France), and many more. 

What people are saying about Annie's lessons:

"Just got home from a wonderfully informative weekend with you in Madisonville! Your talent and style is amazing!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class -- you provided us with a lot of great techniques and I feel energized to keep trying. I actually felt like a little sea sponge ;.)). Many many thanks for sharing with us!" ~ Terrina Russel-Cook
"Thanks for a wonderful workshop. Hope you come back soon. Let me know when you are in this area!" ~ Janey Lively
"Great workshop! I learned soooo much!" ~ Jean Frondorf
"Annie, Thanks for an educational and fun filled workshop!" ~ Rosita Henley
“Annie Strack is an accomplished instructor. Not only does she paint beautifully, but she is able to demonstrate her techniques to students painting at a variety of levels. I learned a great deal about mixing the colors required to paint realistic water. ~ ~ Kay Bailey
"I cannot thank you enough, Annie. You made the workshop fun, as well as informative. I am so inspired to paint the sea that I love. I can hardly put my big brushes down! This workshop was my first. I have learned from painting with friends, TV shows, videos and books. But NOW I have had instruction from ANNIE STRACK!! Annie Strack's workshop was a great learning experience packed with technique, inspiration and tips. One of the techniques I learned was how to use a warm wash to bring water in the fore-ground closer and add luminosity. I also started using larger brushes more. I would recommend her workshop to anyone working with watercolor.” ~ Patsy Seguin
“I really enjoyed Annie's workshop! She is extremely knowledgeable in watercolor. I think she is a great teacher for beginners as well more advanced people. She has good color theory and her colors work well together. Her judgment in assessing her class's level of work made it more enjoyable as an intermediate student by giving us a faster paced class with a more compact work experience. She stuck to her class projects, but answered many questions pertaining to the subject. This was taught as a technique class rather than a project class. She's enjoyable and pleasant to be around. I would take a class with her again if she comes back to BR. Glad I went.” ~ C. Hoffman
One of the best workshops I have ever taken! ~ Helen Day
Excellent - Well worth the cost of the workshop! Annie was very knowledgeable and easy to understand - Wonderful teacher! ~ Bonita Waesche
I just wanted to thank you for the great workshop this past weekend. I learned a lot and I can't wait to put what I learned into practice. Thanks again. Looking forward to taking another workshop from you. Have a great day! ~ Marina Reed 
I would take another workshop with Annie! ~ Laurie Manley
Annie covered the water so well, and I really learned exactly what I came to learn. She helped me to observe water and skies more carefully and now I feel I "got" what she was saying, and what I needed to learn! ~ Lori Power
Very instructive! The water conditions were very helpful (light, surf, etc.,) - excelent teacher - very helpful! ~ Lynn Zakem
Annie has been fantastic! She doesn’t just give you a short comment on your assignments, she explains what you have done correctly and she will tell you how to improve on other things. She also gives you encouragement and quickly answers any questions you have. It doesn’t even have to be covered in the course. She shares her knowledge willingly. Her responses are not just a couple of sentences. She puts a lot of thought into her answers. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! ~ Doug Wasilieff
Very thorough for a three day workshop, and Annie was so attentive to each of us - would love to take a follow-up! ~ Marilyn Dartez
Thanks Anne for teaching this class! Do you teach any more classes? ~ Kim Walters
Thank you so much for your feedback Annie. It is difficult for me to hear positive things about my work, lol. I quit painting at 16 because of the unbelievable pressure and criticism of my father who was a frustrated professional artist. It was the only way i could survive at that time but i have yearned for decades to paint again and have taken it back up again at 54. I've never had any training except for him and your class seemed like the perfect starting point for me. It is incredible to be painting again. There is unspeakable joy in it. ~ Judi C. 
I've learned much from this class. Are you teaching other watercolor classes on-line? I want you to know how much I enjoyed the class. I hope to have the opportunity to take another course from you in the future.I am experienced in oils, acrylics and pastels, but had never done any watercolors, so it has been most helpful to be able to learn about the different qualities of the paints and pigments, papers, how to use/control water, etc. And, planning ahead, exercising patience, working with serendipity are watercolor skills that will serve me well when I go back to my old mediums. ~ Margaret Z. 
You'll see more boats and water scenes in my work - thanks Annie - I really enjoyed it! ~ Gwen Tappin 
I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday, during my pastel demonstration outside the Longwood Art Gallery in Kennett Square! It was fun to talk with a famous author/artist! Thanks for the articles that you write, and that I enjoyed talking with you! ~ Alice Kelsey
I love your paintings and you are a wonderful mentor -  of course living here in Shetland our lives are dominated by the sea - I haven't painted in over 10 years but I am going to have another go as a friend is getting married and has asked for me to do a seascape painting - No pressure there then!!!!! May you keep inspiring us! ~ Janet
Hi Annie,
I think your work is wonderful. I really enjoyed your video on mounting watercolors onto cradled panels! ~ Cindy Sacks 
We're excited to have the level of professionalism that Annie brings in both her art and her experience in instruction as a great addition to our growing team! Great to be working with you Annie!! We're excited to have you!  ~ Canson | Royal Talens 

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