Annie Strack Maritime Art Gallery

Summerwind" 20x24 (sold)

"Woody" 24x20 (Sold)

"White Dinghy" 20x24 (sold)
"Swan Boats" 14x20

"Fleur de Lis" 30x36 (sold)

"Tanker on the Mississippi" 14x20

"Seagulls" 24x18 (sold)

"Rainbow Sail" 16x12 (sold)

"1775 on Lake Pontchartrain" 20x24 (sold)

"Fireboat on the Mississippi" 14x20

"Daystar at the Lighthouse" 16x12 (SOLD)
"The Odessey" 9x12

"Connie C" 14x20 (sold)

"Calm Water" 12x16 (SOLD)

"Blue Striped Sail" 12x16
"Yellow Dinghy" 14x20
"Reflections of a White Dinghy" 20x14
"Fluffy near the Edge" 14x20
"Red and White Dinghy" 14x20
"Yacht Tender" 14x20

"BVI Dinghies" 14x20
"More Swan Boats" 14x20

"Pirogues" 14x20 (sold)
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